As a result of our long development work, our carton cans have been transformed into efficient and effective packaging throughout the packaging and manufacturing chain, as well as in the store and at the consumer.

The Canform can gives the product good protection, is strong but still light, which reduces costs throughout the logistics chain and saves the environment.

Size options
VOLUMEN. 1,25 DL – 2,95 DL

The Invercote G used in our cans is a top-quality matte full-cellboard board. It is a board that combines excellent printability combined with structural strength and unique folding properties. The PE film on the back of the board acts as an adhesive during the sealing step of the can when hot air is blown into it.

In our highest cans, which require more durability from the casing, we use Stora Enso's “Foodbox” board with PE film on the surface and back.


The bottom of the can is also PE-coated pulpboard, which is joined at the canning stage by heat sealing into an integral part of the can.


The jacket of the can is printed by the offset method. The printing of smaller batches can be done advantageously with a 4-color machine, without compromising on quality. The images are reproduced flawlessly and the surface is finished with varnish.

Larger printing batches are printed with a 6-color machine, which can be used for even the most demanding printing jobs, with hot foils. When printing on PE-coated “foodbox” board, the drying of the colors is ensured by means of UV inks and varnish.

We also supply cans unprinted.


Canform - the lids of the can have been processed into a functional part of the packaging, taking into account the needs of both packers and end users. Pre-sealed lids make packing smooth without the need for extra labels or the like. The outer surface of the can remains as desired until the store shelf. The fixed lid solution ensures that the lid does not drown the user and the reclosability guarantees a functional whole. There are two pre-sealed cover designs. One is a large aperture “spoon lid” that can be dispensed with a teaspoon and the other a two-piece “spreader lid” with small spreader holes and one larger opening. In addition, a completely removable pressure plug without sealing is available.

If necessary, together with our competent subcontracting network, we will design a suitable cover solution for your product. At your disposal are competent design services with quick modeling.

Storage, transport and filling

With the help of sturdy transport packaging, the handling of Canform cans is efficient and fast. The cans are delivered with convenient corrugated trays, from which the cans can be easily fed to the packaging line. The trays are packed on fin pallets and wrapped in a protective stretch film for transport and storage. In stock, the pallets take up little space as they can be stacked several times on top of each other.

We also supply small batches with individual corrugated trays that can hold 216 cans / tray. Small quantities are preferably delivered, for example, through Matkahuolto.

The cans are filled with our customers' customized automatic lines or smaller batches can be filled by hand.


The packaging can be disposed of in its entirety by incineration. The packaging with its lid burns perfectly without excreting toxins or odors. The lid can be torn off the can, allowing it to be disposed of in landfills, plastic recycling or incineration. The diaper is suitable for paper collection. When in a landfill or in the wild, the carton quickly decomposes.