Our cardboard can has gone through a long development process and become an efficient, functional package from the point of view of the entire packaging and production chain, both at the shop and in the hands of the consumer.

Canform cans offer the products good protection. They are durable, but still light, which brings down costs in the entire logistics chain and puts less strain on the environment.

Size options
52 mm
60 mm – 140 mm
approx. 1.25 dl – 2.95 dl

In our can tubes, we use Invercote G, a top-quality mat-surfaced cardboard made entirely of wood pulp. It is a type of cardboard that combines excellent printability with structural strength and unique layout properties. The PE film at the backside of the cardboard works in a gluelike manner as hot air is blown to it at the tube’s seaming phase.

In our tallest tubes that require more resilience from the enveloping shell structure, we use Stora Enso’s “Foodbox” cardboard that has a PE film both on the surface and the back.


The bottom of the can is also made of PE coated pulp cardboard. It is attached as a solid part of the can in its modeling phase, using heat sealing.


The offset method is used to print on the shell of the tube. Printing smaller batches is possible affordably, with a four-colour machine, without compromising quality. The pictures will be reproduced without error and the surface will be finalized with varnish.

For larger printing batches, we use a six-colour machine that can also be used for more demanding types of printing work, including hot stamping. While printing on a PE coated “foodbox” cardboard, UV colours and varnish are used to ensure that the colours dry off properly.

We also deliver cans without print.


Canform tube caps have been developed into a functional part of the packaging, taking account of the packers’ as well as the end users’ needs. The caps’ ready-made seals make packaging run smoothly, eliminating the need for extraneous sticker seals or similar means. The outer surface of the tube stays the way it’s desired to be, all the way to the shop shelf. The solid cap solution ensures that the end user will not accidentally lose the cap, and recloseability guarantees a functional whole. There are two pre-sealed cap models. One is a large “spoon cap” with a hole, fit for portioning with a teaspoon. The other is a two-part “shaker cap” with small shaker holes and one larger hole. In addition, there is the option of a completely removable cap without pre-made sealing.

When necessary, we’ll gladly work together to plan the cap solution fit for your product, with the help of our knowledgeable network of subcontractors. Competent design services, including rapid prototyping, are available for your use.

Storage, transportation and filling

Handling Canform cans is efficient and fast with the help of sturdy transport packages. The cans are delivered on practical corrugated cardboard trays from which it is easy to enter them into packaging lines. The trays are packed on FIN pallets and wrapped in protective stretch film for the duration or transportation and storage. The pallets take little space in warehouses, as they can be stacked on one another in several layers.

We also deliver small batches on single corrugated cardboard trays that can fit 216 cans per tray. The small batches are delivered inexpensively, for example through Matkahuolto delivery service.

The cans are filled on automated lines customized according to our clients’ needs. Smaller batches can also be filled manually.


The package can be disposed of in its entirety through burning. The package, along with its cap, will burn completely without exuding toxins or smells. The cap can be ripped off from the tube and sorted into landfill, plastic or burnable waste. The shell is fit for paper recycling. The cardboard tube will quickly decompose in a landfill or in nature.

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