Canform Oy is committed to the principles of sustainable development in all its activities. We operate responsibly with regards to the environment and people, as well as the economy.

Ecological sustainability

In its operation and production processes, Canform uses raw materials that are energy efficient and put as little strain on the environment as possible. The materials are certified and their total amount is minimized. The waste created can be recycled or used as energy. Our company has invested in reducing the most environmentally straining factors such as energy use, waste and emissions caused by transportation.

Social sustainability

Justice and equality are central values in our operation. We are committed to developing a safe and healthy work environment. As a sign of this, the company has managed to keep the level of workplace accidents at zero for years. Despite this, we continue the development work to prevent workplace accidents, improve workplace ergonomics and build an enjoyable work environment. In our community, we support our employees’ personal development at their work, and we make use of support measures designed to enhance health and working ability. Our goal is to develop the productivity and quality of work by promoting workplace well-being.

Economic sustainability

Sustainable economy forms the basis of Canform’s responsible business activity. Competitiveness and profitable business activity make it possible to invest in equipment and development projects that enhance the production process, along with the quality of products and customer service. The acquisitions of machines and devices are made with regards to life cycle costs. Long-time use of products saves natural resources and energy. For this reason, we regularly conduct maintenance on the machines and devices and immediately repair minor malfunctions. Old machines taken out of use are recycled appropriately.

Canform Oy

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Jouni Antinaho

( Entrepreneur / CEO )

Juha Antinaho

( Entrepreneur )