Sustainable development

Canform Oy is committed to complying with all its operations principles of sustainable development. We act responsibly from an environmental, human and economic perspective.

Environmental sustainability

In its operations and production processes, Canform uses raw materials that are as environmentally friendly as possible and are energy efficient. The materials used are certified and the total amount of material is minimized. The resulting waste can be recycled or used for energy.

Our company has invested in reducing emissions from the most environmentally damaging factors, such as energy use, waste and transportation.

Social sustainability

The core values of our operations are fairness and equality. We are committed to developing a safe and healthy work environment. As proof of this, the company has been able to maintain a zero accident level for years. We are still constantly working to improve the prevention of accidents at work, improve work ergonomics and build a comfortable work environment.

In our work community, we support the development of the individual at work and take advantage of support measures that promote work ability and health. Our goal is to develop the productivity and quality of work by promoting well-being at work.

Financial sustainability

A sustainable economy creates the basis for Canform Oy's responsible business. Competitive and profitable business creates opportunities to invest in equipment and development projects that improve the production process and the quality of products and services.

Purchases of machinery and equipment are made on the basis of life cycle costs. Using products for a long time saves natural resources and energy. That is why we regularly maintain machines and equipment and correct minor faults immediately. Old discarded equipment will be recycled accordingly.