As you begin designing the visual appearance of your package, it is advisable to immediately contact an advertising agency that masters graphic design and makes your product stand out from the shelf.

Download a die-cut template here
  • For making layout sketches, you can use common graphic design softwares for PC-Windows or Mac OsX operating systems:
  • Adobe Indesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Acrobat.
  • If you use Office software, save your work as PDF files.
  • The page size of the document is the same as the page size of the final clean-cut product.
  • All coloured surfaces and lines reaching to the edge of the page must be drawn 3 mm across the page edge.
  • It is advisable to use the die-cut template as an aid in designing the base layout. Then the colour base reaching the edge will be drawn 3 mm over the outmost frame.
  • NOTICE: Don’t place the text and pictures too close to the edge if they are not supposed to be cut away.
  • Coloured pictures CMYK, black and white pictures Gray Scale.
  • Resolution in 300 dpi 1:1.
  • Line picture resolution in 1200 dpi 1:1.
  • Coated Fogra39
  • Determine the colours of four-colour works in CMYK values and additional spot colours as Pantone colours.
  • Preferably use PostScript or Opentype fonts.
  • Avoid TrueType fonts. Attach the fonts and pictures used to the open layout document.
  • If you convert fonts, note that modifying the text is no longer possible, so do attach the original open work document along with the converted layout document.
  • First save as a PostScript document and then as a PDF document through Distiller.
  • Using Illustrator, you can save directly as a PDF document (Save as – Format – Adobe PDF and Adobe PDF preset: Illustrator Default from the dropdown list).

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